Episode 02: Deliberate Community Building with Allison Tenney

Founder, Seattle Ignited Womxn Summit

On this week’s show I catch up with Allison Tenney, the founder of the Ignited Womxn’s Summit in Seattle, Washington. We go deep about womxn’s empowerment and where well-meaning white womxn can get it wrong. Allison and I get into what it takes to raise feminist children in today’s world as well as the daily habits and practices she undertakes to be able to show up each day to the best of her ability for her family and community. We hope you love it!

Resources and References

Instagram: @allisontenney

Facebook: Allison Tenney Fitness

Allison’s Ignited Playlist –> search Allison Tenney in Spotify

Time Stamps

0:45 Introduction to today’s guest, Allison Tenney

2:37 Spoken Word piece pulled from Allison’s Instagram

4:30 The story of how Amber and Allison connected

5:39 Real talk on the investment required to cultivate community

6:50 The birth of Seattle Ignited Womxn

9:02 The importance of inclusivity in womxn’s events

10:00 “Getting it Wrong” Allison talks candidly about the ways her event missed the mark in the first year, and how she handled the criticism and made changes to achieve her desired impact.

21:30 What’s coming next year for Seattle Ignited Womxn Summit

24:45 Deliberately Raising Feminists

33:33 Allison’s Favourite Things

43:00 Segment: Because I’m Nosy

1:01:16 The Glow Up Retreat

1:08:45 Where to find Allison