Living Deliberately Live
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Living Deliberately Live is a two day event for womxn looking for community, inspiration, and tools to live their lives deliberately.

At Living Deliberately Live there will be social opportunities, speakers, breakout sessions, and a panel discussion, all focused on techniques we can use to live our best lives through self reflection and community building.

When we come together for the purposes of self development, skill building, and connection, magic happens. Our purpose, path, and support system becomes clearer and stronger. Our circles and minds grow in ways we cannot anticipate.

Friday evening our guests will have the opportunity to connect with the speakers and presenters in an intimate setting in a private event space at the host hotel, Sheraton Eau Claire.

Included in the ticket cost for Friday’s social, will be passed appetizers, an exciting non-alcoholic bar, and the musical stylings of a favourite and pioneer in the Calgary music scene, DJ Molly Fi. There will also be a cash bar available for purchase at the social.

Saturday is the main event, a day full of inspirational speakers, opportunities to connect in smaller groups, and a panel discussion to wrap up the day. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and seen.

Erin Brown

Erin Brown has been working for social justice in her various communities for over 20 years. For the last 10 years she has been writing books and essays, speaking at universities and conferences, conducting workshops, providing private coaching and tarot readings, and consulting independent organizations in the areas of social justice, positionality, identity development, body politics, trauma, activism and emotional skills and boundaries.

Jessie Mundell

Jessie is an expert in prenatal and postnatal exercise with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Physical Education, and a Masters in Kinesiology. Jessie helps hundreds of parents navigate their pregnancy and postpartum journeys with humour, grace, and empowerment.

Learning to love herself and her little ones wholeheartedly, Jess shows us by example how to embody our values with the work we put into the world in a deliberate, gentle way.

Chrissy King

Chrissy King is a writer, coach, and speaker from Milwaukee who is passionate about body liberation. Her powerful voice teaches us about oppression, discrimination, and representation in wellness spaces and the world.  Chrissy is the Vice President of the Women’s Strength Coalition and her work has been featured in Self and Cosmopolitan magazines, among others.  She also powerlifts for fun, and can pull over 400lbs.  Chrissy is a badass who will challenge the ways you think and move in this world in the best ways.

Allison Tenney

Allison is a writer, speaker, community builder and former collegiate soccer coach currently hailing from Orlando, FL. She hosts the inspirational and empowering event, the Seattle Ignited Womxn Summit, and works as an online distance coach for strength athletes. Allison is strong, funny, genuine, smart, and inclusive. She’s a groundbreaking community gatherer and an excellent, heart warming speaker who will be emceeing the Saturday event.

Amber Mikaelsson

It’s possible you know me as Rural Rebel Mama. I’m the host of this event and have been connecting with a community of creators and curators for years online, most recently with the Living Deliberately Podcast. I’ve been throwing all kinds of parties for decades, and for this event I’m bringing together the strongest, most inspirational women I know.

Since starting a career in wellness, I’ve had the opportunity to attend several life changing live events. The ones that have a lasting impact have several components to them: a chance to connect with the speakers outside the main event, a beautiful venue, a centralized location with a major airport in the area, and an incredible community of women who were excited to learn from and connect with each other. I’ve done my best to recreate this experience for you with Living Deliberately Live.

The host hotel is Sheraton Eau Claire, Barclay Parade, Calgary, Alberta. The Friday social will be held at the host hotel. You’ll be sent a promo code to use to book at a discount for our event.

The Saturday sessions will be held at the Commons, Calgary. This incredible venue is located to the east of downtown Calgary, about a 10 minute ride share from the host hotel. This beautiful spot has to be seen to believed. Parking is available on site.

Sheraton Eau Claire, Barclay Parade, Calgary, Alberta
Sheraton Eau Claire, Barclay Parade, Calgary, Alberta
Commons, Calgary
Commons, Calgary