Episode 03: Deliberate Shifts With Kourtney Thomas

Kourtney has been working for years as a personal trainer but realized recently that the focus of her sessions was shifting from physical training to life coaching.  She officially made the switch to a life coaching only business and today talks candidly about the changes this has brought to her life. Kourtney and I also spend some time discussing how she makes time for deliberate play with her partner.

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Kourtney’s YouTube Channel

Time Stamps

1:00 Intro to this week’s guest: Kourtney Thomas

2:00 Reading of a post from Kourtney – In It

6:20 The shift in Kourt’s business: who, what, when, why

16:15 The biggest adjustment from this shift in business purpose

18:40 The best parts of making the switch

25:10 Deliberate play: Kourtney’s favourite ways to play

43:00 Because Amber is Nosy

51:26 Where to find Kourtney’s work

57:48 Next week on the show