Episode 05: Deliberate Leadership with Rachel Black Graves

Rachel Black Graves is a gym owner and coach hailing from Connecticut whose big hair is evenly matched by her voracious personality. Rachel has been building a very special community in her gym, so special in fact that people talk about it in speeches on the other side of the country when Rachel is not even in attendance.

Rachel is a special kind of leader, one whom many of my peers are happy to follow. Today we talk about how she has built her community, what makes it special, and how it is evolving. We also discuss some of her self care practices and inspirations, and how important each of these pieces are in grounding Rachel’s life and business.

Resources and References

Tears in the Target Fitting Room

Rachel’s Facebook

Rachel’s Instagram

Mark Fisher Fitness Instagram

Business for Unicorns Podcast

Time Stamps

0:40 Introduction to today’s guest, Rachel Black Graves

2:05 Tears in the Target Fitting Room

6:05 What make FBBC special

12:46 A typical Monday in this gym owner’s world

14:45 How Rachel connects with all of her clients regularly

17:50 When the community grows beyond the leadership, magic happens

23:32 Far beyond the physical: Rachel talks about how her business has evolved to serve more parts of her clients

28:05 What happens when someone is not a good fit?

34:10 To franchise, or not to franchise?

37:25 Deliberate grounding – the story of Rachel’s home

42:10 Rachel’s current daily spiritual practice with oracle and affirmation cards

49:07 Because Amber is Nosy

55:45 Why coaches are important for coaches

1:02:10 Rachels significant skin cancer scare and surgery last year

1:09:00 What’s next for Rachel and her biz!

1:12:00 Next week on the show