Episode 06: Deliberate Advocacy with Chrissy King

Deliberate Advocacy with Chrissy King

This week’s guest, Chrissy King, is a writer, coach and speaker from Milwaukee who is passionate about body liberation. We talk about how her voice has evolved online with her messaging around oppression, discrimination, and representation in wellness spaces, as well as her self care habits and other passions.

Resources and References

Chrissy’s Instagram

Chrissy’s Faccebook Page

Stop Saying Savage Blog

Ten Things You Should Never Say if You Want to Be a Better Person

On Being Podcast

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Time Stamps

0:55 Introduction to Chrissy King

1:32 Piece from Chrissy’s Writing

3:20 Chrissy tells us about the upcoming #BodyLiberationProject

4:50 Chrissy talks about her journey from fitness writer to activist

7:32 The importance of being true to your vision in content creation

9:00 How Chrissy got brave and hit publish on her first activism based article

12:32 Boundaries in social media spaces

15:00 Chrissy talks about how she protects her energy as an educator

16:15 Curated Social Media Spaces – yes or no?

18:45 Why body image remains an important piece of Chrissy’s work

21:49 When language is not ours to use

26:00 The Glow Up Retreat

28:42 Because I’m nosy

39:14 Chrissy’s self care habits

40:35 Chrissy’s giving strategy

44:16 The newest skill Chrissy is working on

46:53 Where to find more Chrissy King

48:02 Next week on the show