Episode 08: Deliberate Duets with Cara Turnquist and Jill McLean

Deliberate Duets with Car Turnquist and Jill McLean

Cara and Jill have a friendship that inspires me and a business that has helped empower hundreds of women through movement and mindset work. Their business, Movement Duets, started out as a joint venture between the two and their partners, but it became obvious quickly that it was Jill and Cara who were meant to grow it into its potential. After a few years online they opened a gym space in Salem, Oregon, and they join me today to have a candid conversation about some of the growing pains involved in building a business with a partner.

Resources and References

Movement Duets Website

Movement Duets Instagram Page

Movement Duets Facebook Page

Erica Smith Instagram

Jen Sinkler Instagram

Cara’s favourite book: Sex at Dawn

Jill’s favourite book: The Stand

Pull For Pride

March of Dimes

Time Stamps

0:45 Introduction to Jill and Cara

1:50 Reading from the Movement Duets Instagram page

4:00 How Jill and Cara collaborate on written pieces

5:35 The story of Movement Duets

8:10 Why exclusively online training wasn’t the right choice for Movement Duets

11:38 The Movement Duets gym space and vision

16:25 Real Talk – the first 6 months of gym ownership

21:08 The difference in the Movement Duets approach to weight loss

21:44 The issue with equating health to weight loss

22:30 Fitness and Feminism

25:44 The best part of working with a partner

29:30 Challenges of working with a partner

36:30 The novel way Cara and Jill have engaged early founders of their gym to network with and support each other

37:00 Because Amber is nosy

53:30 Some perspective on parenting from Quokkas

57:55 Cara tells us about her recent abdominoplasty

1:05:00 Up next for Movement Duets

1:08:30 Next week on Living Deliberately