Episode 07: Deliberate Sorting with Erin Brown

Erin Brown has been working for social justice in her various communities for over 20 years. For the last 10 years she has been writing books and essays, speaking at universities and conferences, conducting workshops, providing private coaching and tarot readings, and consulting independent organizations in the areas of social justice, positionality, identity development, body politics, trauma, activism and emotional skills and boundaries.

Today we discuss the latest instalment in her Sorting Series of books, What About Love, and many ways Erin deliberately shows up in this world. We laugh, we cry, and we talk about the ways my friend is weary from, and still showing up for, her work.

Resources and References

Erin’s Website

Erin’s Facebook Page

Erin’s Instagram

Out of Answers Podcast

Ancient Song Doula Services

Black Mamas Matter

Preorder Erin’s Affirmation Decks Here

Preorder Erin’s Latest Book, What About Love, here

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Amy Turn Sharp’s Instagram

Melinda Alexander’s Instagram (@mumumansion)

Brave and Afraid by Rachel Turner

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Time Stamps

0:50 Intro to Erin Brown!

2:30 Reading from Erin’s New Book

4:00 Erin tells the story behind the essay I shared

05:41 Erin talks about her latest book and the Sorting Series

11:01 Erin talks about her new Podcast, Out of Answers

14:03 The motivation behind creating Erin’s Affirmation deck

17:02 What is a book doula?

25:09 Deliberate Sorting – Erin’s best tool for sorting her time

30:20 Deliberate Sexy

34:10 How Erin feels about a dress code for women to be taken seriously

39:10 A cameo from Bader, Erin’s pit bull

40:10 Erin’s love language

41:10 My favourite playlist of Erin’s on Spotify (Power)

41:57 Erin’s list of favourites because I’m nosy

52:17 The best way to support someone with an online platform if yoiu can’t afford to buy

53:10 Erin’s current movement practice

01:02:00 The surprising and upsetting reason Erin has been staying away from Facebook

01:05:44 Next week on the show…